Kinshasa Football Academy

KIN-FOOT ACADEMY est un projet visant à offrir une formation et un encadrement de qualité aux jeunes filles et garçons âgés de 3 à 20 ans à Kinshasa, tout en favorisant leur éveil et leur épanouissement.

First of all

Youth Soccer Training and Development

At Kinshasa Football Academy, we are committed to providing quality training and coaching to young girls and boys in Kinshasa. Our programs are designed to foster their skills, passion, and personal growth in soccer and beyond.

Not to mention

Football Teams and Championships

Our football teams participate in local championships, giving our players the opportunity to showcase their talent and teamwork. We strive to create a positive and competitive environment for our players to excel in their soccer careers.

And let's not forget

International Partnerships and Sponsorships

We aim to establish partnerships with international football teams and commercial sponsors to expand our reach and opportunities for our players. Join us in shaping the next generation of soccer stars.

About us

Kin Foot Academy is a soccer academy based in Kinshasa that provides quality training and coaching to young girls and boys ages 3-20. We are committed to promoting sports development and personal growth in a positive and competitive environment.

Join Kinshasa Football Academy today and unleash your potential in soccer and beyond.

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